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Sempro is one of several tool manufacturers that produce tools for trim & form and singulation. We are the experts in this field of the semiconductor supply chain. The tools that we manufacture are at the heart of Sempro machinery. The way in which, we as one of the tool manufacturers in the supply chain, have developed them, requires years and years of experience. Furthermore, many experts and their expertise are needed to successfully complete building the tools and machinery.

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We at Sempro strongly feel that you as the customer are the most important link in the production process. We vow to keep you informed during the manufacturing process and are at your side at all times. We specialize in manufacturing custom-made solutions and take pride in being one of the leading Dutch tool manufacturers in the supply chain. We have a lot of in-house expertise at our locations, which is needed to make sure our machinery runs optimally at the clients.

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Find your solution at a lower price because we have a branch of tool manufacturers in Malaysia. This way, we can offer our services at competitive prices. On top of that, our lead times are very short. Contact us via +31 (0)487 511863 or send us an email to get more information.

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