Advanced packaging

With trim & form and singulation


Sempro provides packaging services for a variety of industrial companies. Sempro is a semiconductor back end solution provider that did set up with a group of Semiconductor companies the Advanced Packaging Center. Sempro is the specialist in trim & form and singulation, whereby Sempro supplies development or production tools and systems. In the preliminary stages of a development project for a new semiconductor devices Sempro delivers complete packaging solutions and works with own package design specialists which does supply development support following the DXF program. Offers Customers to improve the inclusion of extra functional aspects such as reliability and sustainability in product development.

Sempro sees the importance of one stop shop solutions whereby time to market and overlapping processes are well developed on forehand of the project getting in production. There are many types of semiconductor devices that require highly-innovative packaging solutions.

Sempro offers the services in the Netherlands to develop packages for below listed devices, and offer solutions to package them in small series:

  • Powers
  • Sensors
  • MEMS
  • IC’s


How Sempro is connected to supply full backend services.


When customers need a custom solution from Sempro for their trim/form or singulation processes, we are always there to help them out. With fruitful partnerships for several years now related to overlapping services Sempro does supply complete back end solutions all over the world.

Fortunately, our headquarters is located in the Netherlands. So, if a new device is required, Sempro can provide trim & form and singulation tools to be operated manually or semi-automatic and samples can be made. Fully automated production machines can be supplied after development samples has been proven and accepted.

Sempro Europe

Roggeweg 28
6534 AJ Nijmegen,
The Netherlands
+31 487511863

Sempro ASIA

15A Lintang Sungai Tiram 5
Sunway Prima, Bayan Lepas
11900 Penang, Malaysia
+604 6442235

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Every trim & form and singulation challenge is an opportunity for us to push the boundaries for our clients, opening up new paths and creating new possibilities.

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