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Cooper EM5000


The main purpose of the machine is Trim & Form of sensor packages, with 100% Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and automatic Tape on Reel (TOR) with 100% In-Tape Inspection System.

Good tested devices are collected into Vibration Bowl or tubes, depends on the customer requirement. For example, in case of bowl, the module makes 100% component orientation and feeds them to Linear Vibration Transport. Rotary Gripper takes the devices and rotates, or directly transfers them to Trim & Form Tool, where they are formed and trimmed to different lead shapes (tool dependent). Air forced track and Z-movement system deliver devices to position for Automatic Optical Inspection.

All devices passed AOI inspection step are automatically taped, as long as failed devices are automatically rejected into corresponding Vision Reject Bins. Good taped devices are 100% checked by In-Tape Vision Inspection. Defective devices found by In-Tape Vision are replaced automatically.

A high performance handling system provides devices for Trim and Form and Tape on Reel. Device selection is sorted according results of process on defined pass or fail bins and/or tape. The process is automatically and is defined by recipe.

Specifications of the machine:



  • Trim accuracy:                      ±0,25 mm
  • Form accuracy:                     ±0,5º
  • Detect ability:                        0,05 mm
  • Voltage:                                 400 V, 3 phase
  • Weight:                                  650 kg



  • Total length:                          1800
  • Width:                                     940
  • Height:                                    990

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