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We have created a powerful solution for semiconductor devices which has the lowest costs of ownership.


The Power X1 has been created for customers who want to automate the trim & form processes for their power modules (IGBT modules) and who would like to speed up the process. The Power X1 is a system which produces more than 700 single products per hour.

Our customers can have 100% quality check of the product, by machine vision and 3D-scanning. The advantage of a 3D-scanner as it can accurately measure a wide range of products thanks to its much bigger depth of focus. This saves not only the costs but also time and improves quality of the product.

The Power X1 has a unique modular design with high simplicity. The system can be configured to customer preferences, e.g.: the number of press modules, the option for laser marking, the way of loading and unloading of products. Default is loading of lead frames in slotted magazines and unloading of the finished products in trays. A SCARA robot in the output module makes the Power X1 suitable for different products and trays. The magazine handler can be adjusted to a wide range of magazine sizes.

The press unit is very user friendly – only 15 minutes are needed to change a tool. All of the tools can be automatically opened wide to get good access for maintenance and inspection. This feature reduces downtime of the machine. The machine can be operated by one person and has a standalone time of one hour.

The Power X1 was designed for the lowest costs of ownership for our customers. Cost of machine, tools and spares also is relatively low thanks to our production facilities in Sempro Malaysia.

We are the lean organization which is bringing innovation, flexibility in design, reliability and low cost of ownership. Thanks to our team we are a leading partner on the power sensor market. 


Specifications of the machine:



  • Trim accuracy:                         ±0,1 mm
  • Form accuracy:                       ±0,5º
  • Measurement accuracy:        0,05 mm
  • Voltage:                                    400 V, 3 phase
  • Weight:                                     3700 kg


  • Total length:                             3900
  • Width:                                       1300
  • Height:                                      1900



  • Shape inspection by 3D-scanner and 2D camera
  • Laser making

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