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Our team of dedicated experts is there to
support you through every stage of the process.

Sempro’s experienced team manages complex projects, translating design concepts into working prototypes and taking this through to small or large-scale manufacturing.

Ewald Peters


Mr. Peters co-founded Sempro in 2003 to develop high precision trim & form and singulation equipment for the Semiconductor industry. Together with the Sempro business partners, he set up the Advanced Packaging & Holland High Technology Centre in Shanghai, China.

His commitment to existing & future customers is the continuous development of smart solutions for existing or new product(s) in the field of trim & form and singulation.

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HP Sim


Mr. Sim joined Sempro in 2006 as sales Manager responsible for the South East Asian market. As such, he continuously develops and explores market opportunity for Sempro in the high precision and Semicoductor industry.

Today, Mr. Sim is leading the Sempro Technology SDN BHD and responsible for Sempro Asia operations.

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WT Len


Mr. Len is the engineering manager for Sempro Malaysia. He is fundamental for Sempro Asia operations and is extremely committed to his work in every sense.

With years of practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of trim & form and singulation, he enables our team to make the impossible possible.

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Jort Zwiers


Jort is one of our mechanical engineers which is in contact with our Customers and does coordinate technical specifications into mechanical designs

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Christian Yzelman


Christian Yzelman just recently join to the Sempro team to enhance the sales activities around the globe. With his extensive experience in backend operation/equipment, which previously involved in benchmarking and capability study from die-bonders to tapers, Christian will bring Sempro machines to the competitive position in the backend equipment market.

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Babet Seuren

Office Manager

Babet is working at the purchase department. She is in contact with all our suppliers and customers.
For sparteparts orders she will take care of it.

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We get to know our clients intimately so that we understand their businesses, their needs, their goals and their constraints. This drives every solution we develop.

We think in solutions.

Sempro can help make your ideas a reality. Contact us to find out how.