Malaysia-Netherlands Partnership: A Union of Industrial Strengths whereby Sempro contributes in their discipline from Trim form and singulation for the Semiconductor EV and sustainable market.

Visit Demissionair Prime minister Rutte, 1 November 2023

In a landmark move showcasing international cooperation and growth, Premier Rutte of the Netherlands recently embarked on a visit to Malaysia. The purpose? To explore and strengthen the symbiotic industrial relationship between these two nations.

The Netherlands, renowned as one of the elite four nations globally mastering all semiconductor processes, boasts an intricate and advanced technological landscape. Malaysia, on the other hand, is recognized for its formidable manufacturing capabilities. When combined, these complementary strengths paint a promising picture for mutual development and innovation.

This wasn’t merely a meeting of nations but also a gathering of industry giants. Sempro, a strong upcoming player in the semiconductor domain with its processes trim form and singulation especially for EV & sustainable markets, was part of this pivotal forum. Their participation signified not just a desire to share their insights and expertise but also a vision to seek avenues for future growth and sustainability.

Such collaborations between Malaysia and the Netherlands exemplify the significance of international alliances in today’s interconnected world. By pooling their respective industrial advantages, both nations are not only fostering economic growth but also paving the way for sustainable technological advancements.

It’s a partnership that promises mutual growth, shared successes, and a brighter future for both nations in the global industrial arena.