Sales Manager China

1) Making and implementing sales plan China;
2) Sales payment collection;
3) Sales cost control;
4) Market Development;
5) CRM(customer relation management);
6) Marketing information management;
7) Sales team building


Sempro Technologies BV is fast growing OEM equipment supplier, develops, supplies and services for trim&form equipment for semiconductors. Sempro equipment and solutions play an important role in the roadmap towards cost leadership at our customer assembly sites around the world. Within the Power product segment Sempro is in the top three of world leaders. The Sempro Product Support, Service and Engineering teams are in Netherlands, Malaysia and China. The current organization consist about 40FTE and planning to continuously grow to stay ahead in the market.


You have a strong commercial drive with technical affinity, a great talent to create the right solutions for customers and find the balance in a win – win situation and be able to close the deals. You should create new contacts and maintain the right ones which brings you to the next level to get the right information which leads you to the decision makers. You are able to convert the information into the correct request for the technical support teams. Naturally you are able to translate the offer in the right way to your customer and work as a team player. You have a commercial and supportive urge to perform as a professional. You like personal contacts and you have a cooperative attitude. Due to your strong commercial skills you are able to get all team players on your side and be able to translate the needs into a good deal. You are able to explain the added value of Sempro and be able to create a high level of goodwill. Furthermore you have a proactive and result orientated way of working.

  • Manage and monitor the IT environment, especially at the servers, network and backup level;
  • Investigate and secure critical points in the IT environment;
  • Set up and run implementation and upgrade projects;
  • Maintain the IT infrastructure, resolve incidents and documenting this.

Sempro is looking for a candidate who has the following characteristics:

  • Completed Bachelor education.
  • Well experienced with international capital equipment sales.
  • International mindset, commitment to travel international (40%).
  • Good English skill, with German first considered.
  • Knowledge of the (semiconductor) market is a pre.
  • With 5 year sales experiences, good achievements, rich resources and strong enough to act as the sales in China.
  • At least 3 years first-line sales experience, deep understanding of marketing, good capacity of market development and judgement as well as strong organization capacity.
  • Good management and organization capacity;Knowledge and experience with

Additional Requirements

  • Good communication skills (both verbal and written) in Dutch and English;
  • Analytical skills, flexible and stress resistant;
  • Solution oriented and out-of-the-box thinking;
  • Sense of responsibility and no “nine to five” mentality;
  • Able to work independently, precise and accurate;
  • Able to translate the wishes of the colleagues (or customer) into (technical) solutions;
  • Can cope well with change and actively contributes to it.

Working conditions

  • Well driven and committed team.
  • Suitable salary with satisfactory treatment(Salary negotiable)
  • Bonus scheme
  • 15 days annual paid-holidays
  • Enjoying Chinese official holidays
  • Insurances compensate
  • Laptop and Smartphone
  • Lease car
  • Great personal development space
  • Base China


PASSIONATE and committed, with the strength and belief in our goals and our drive to succeed

PROFESSIONAL experts in their fields and who respects people and resources with a sense of fairness and transparency

PERSEVERANT characters, who are willing to take on obstacles and the ability to innovate through challenges

PERFORMERS with the right mindset to drive our forward momentum and pursue teamwork in products and people

To apply for this position, please send your resume and a cover letter to: 

Sempro Technologies BV
Xuzhou Sempro Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address: Bld.#3, Jinlonghu Renovation Valley, No.1, East Jinlonghu Road, Xuzhou Economic& Technilogical Development Zone, China
Contact person: Ms.Sherry
T: +86-18994942368

Sempro Europe

Sempro ASIA
    Our company Every trim & form and singulation challenge is an opportunity for us to push the boundaries for our clients, opening up new paths and creating new possibilities.We think in solutionsSempro can help make your ideas a reality.
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