Service & Parts

Our dedicated team of professional engineers from Asia and Europe offer full support to our worldwide customers.

09 Jan 2017, The HTSM mission target group consists companies and institutes in the field of photonics and semiconductor – technology, who want to work more closely with these clusters in Thuringia.

03/06/2019, Cooperation with Collin Crowdfund

Sempro is growing rapidly and doubled the turn over in the last 2 years with good results. Accelerating comes with investment and therefore Sempro did an intensive investigation, several intermediations and risk analyses in order to set up a profitable...

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30/05/2019, Welcome aboard!

Our new employees welcome aboard!  We are very pleased new people joined our Sempro team! We trust your experience and your vision will be a great asset to Sempro Technologies. A new job means a new goal, a new start and a new world. May you enjoy this new...

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03/04/2019, Semicon China

Sempro Technologies was present on SEMICON China 2019. We were glad to be in a such place for talents to gather and innovate together. We appreciate your trust. Thank you for choosing our solutions and tools. See you next year on SEMICON China 2020 in...

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22/08/2018, Sempro met Mr. Lao

Sempro Technologies met Mr. Lao from CSIA and Xiamen municipal peoples government. The “National Guideline for Development of the IC Industry,” designed to accelerate China’s efforts in 14nm finFETs, advanced packaging and memory, was published in 2014. Later China...

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Sempro Solutions

Our strength lies in custom design and manufacture.

Our standard products are produced to the same high specifications and benefit from the knowledge and experience that we have gained from designing solutions for many different clients and situations.

R&D Projects

We work together with our customers to realize their R&D projects.


Sempro offers manual or semi-automatic trim & form and singulation solutions.

Trim & form equipment

Sempro Trim and Form ensures the lowest cost of ownership with the lowest cost of maintenance and replacement of parts.

Singulation equipment

Sempro delivers innovative tooling designs that meet today's demanding manufacturing processes.

Spare parts

From our Sempro Malaysia branch, we supply our customers with high quality spare parts and all other high precision tooling & system parts.

Service & parts

Our dedicated team of professional engineers from Asia and Europe offer full support to our worldwide customers.

For everything there is a solution. We will find it.

Send us an email or give us a call. We would be happy to help out.