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The Advanced Packaging Center (APC) in Duiven, the Netherlands, is a company that provides packaging services for a variety of industrial companies. Sempro is a tool manufacturer that works together with the Advanced Packaging Center when they need trim & form and singulation tools. This often happens in the preliminary stages of a development project for a new semiconductor device.

The Advanced Packaging Center offers companies a one-stop-shop concept

There are many types of semiconductor devices that require highly-innovative packaging solutions. The Advanced Packaging Center offers the services in the Netherlands to develop packages for below listed devices, and package them in small series:

  • MEMs
  • Sensors
  • Powers
  • IC’s

How are Sempro and the Advanced Packaging Center connected?

When APC needs a custom solution from Sempro for their trim/form or singulation processes, we are always there to help them out. This fruitful partnership has existed for several years now. Sempro has multiple locations and so does the Advanced Packaging Center. Fortunately, both our headquarters are located in the Netherlands. So, if a new device is needed at the Advanced Packaging Center, Sempro can provide trim & form and singulation tools to be operated manually or semi-automatic, so that samples can be made.

Do you need trim & form or singulation advice?

If you need Sempro’s expertise and services, we are very happy to help. To reach us we invite you to send us an email or call us at +31 (0)487 511863.

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