Singulation equipment

“The customers’ success is always our priority. We combine extensive analytical research with the best available expertise to create the optimum solution for each client.”

Sempro singulation solutions ensure the lowest cost of ownership, the lowest cost of maintenance and replacement of parts.

Our systems are modular; meaning a large number of custom configurations and combinations are possible. Load and off-load stations can easily be configured. Our systems and tools have a small footprint and therefore require a minimum amount of floorspace.

Sempro has years of experience with innovative tool design that meet today’s demanding manufacturing process. Our tools can handle extreme high density LF lay-outs.

Our development and production process combines the highest level of service, consultancy, R&D and project management to provide our clients with complete peace of mind and total satisfaction when it comes to introducing new packages and innovations.

Sempro Solutions

Our strength lies in custom design and manufacture.

Our standard products are produced to the same high specifications and benefit from the knowledge and experience that we have gained from designing solutions for many different clients and situations.

R&D Projects

We work together with our customers to realize their R&D projects.


Sempro offers manual or semi-automatic trim & form and singulation solutions.

Trim & form equipment

Sempro Trim and Form ensures the lowest cost of ownership with the lowest cost of maintenance and replacement of parts.

Singulation equipment

Sempro delivers innovative tooling designs that meet today's demanding manufacturing processes.

Spare parts

From our Sempro Malaysia branch, we supply our customers with high quality spare parts and all other high precision tooling & system parts.

Service & parts

Our dedicated team of professional engineers from Asia and Europe offer full support to our worldwide customers.

For everything there is a solution. We will find it.

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